2017 Crafting Goals

2016 was a fun crafting year and here in 2017 I have decided to jot my crafting goals again.If this is your 1st time visiting my blog, you can view my previous crafting goals here: 2015, 2016

I was able to achieve much of my 2016 goals but need to be more focused. I felt I was all over the place while trying to achieve the set goals. Most of my goals are still the same, but there a few tweaks here and there. So, without further ado, I present to you my Crafting Goals for 2017:

2016 gave me a chance to work with a few awesome ladies in the crafting industry. I was invited to be a part of 3 awesome design teams. But with job, school and everything else I sometimes got delayed on the design team responsibilities.  So this year I want to improve on that. I want to schedule my posts before time so that there is no scope of mistake.

Last year I started taking photos in better lights. I created a rudimentary light box using a tutorial on Pinterest as most of my photography happens at night. I also learned to use external flash to benefit whenever enough lighting was not available. But this year I want to excel with props and make the aesthetics of card photography more eminent.

I am still struggling with this one.So, I guess I'm just going to continue doing it more and more and more....

This goal was a complete fail as I shopped a lot of craft supplies, dies, colors, stamps using the gift cards I received for my birthday and Christmas.  So I have decided that this year, if I feel like I need new inspiration then I'm going to "Shop My Stash".

Of course, I need to work more on this side What do I mean by this? Well, in the past years, I have posted some projects I did which were not greeting cards. Something like a painting, art journaling, quilling projects, jewelry making etc……  Lets see how well I’m able to work on this one.

I want to do something new this year. So I am thinking of starting a series on my blog. I think I will do a series on card making techniques, that will be fun!.


Stop taking it all so seriously. This is a hobby and it brings me great, great joy. It has introduced me to a lot of new friends, fellow artists, amazing talent, products, companies, opportunities, techniques... but it is not life or death. If I don't win or don't get picked up for publication or don't get noticed or don't get on  Design Teams - that is not failure. 

That is life. And if I put (unhealthy) pressure on myself and get downbeat about not being good at something out there then that will take some of the love and joy out of the creativity that I enjoy so much. I also need to remind myself not to pull my hair if I get stuck at something , eat healthy and get enough sleep every day.

Yes, I will still be competitive. Yes I will still be ambitious. Yes I will still want to keep getting better and better then what I’m right now, and then better myself some more. But I will do it all whilst having fun.

And there you have it - my Crafting Goals for 2017! So, I do hope you'll keep joining me throughout 2017 to provide support and encouragement as I keep working towards these goals. 


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