Thursday, June 15, 2017

Life and Death

Hello Everyone!!!
I am really very sorry for such a prolonged absence without any notice. There is no better way to say it, because the news I am going to share isn't a happy one. 

On 21st March 2017 my Father (Mr. Subhash Parab) passed away due to sudden heart attack. It was very shocking and heart breaking. I had to immediately leave for India to be with my mom and brother. I got the news at 11:30 p.m. and in the span of 8 hours I booked my tickets, packed suitcases, and was at the airport- to fly halfway across the world. 

Once I reached India, things got so hot and hectic!!! So many people to meet, so much to do. People said so many nice things about him. Many rituals were performed. It was very weird to be there and not have his presence around… I was there for 2 months or so. All that time, we all were running around putting things in order after him. 

I had been debating about coming out with this news on my blog, but my dad was a regular follower of my blog, he always emailed me his feedback about my art and so he has a special place here. This has been a very emotional and sad trip for me. My Father, wasn't so old, he was 59 years of age, and I knew he wouldn’t be around for ever, but it wasn't his chance to say a final goodbye to us yet… He was a great man. 

Love You Baba!!!

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